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Futures Academy Launches Virtual School Day: helping students thrive with online learning

Aug 12, 2020
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IRVINE, CA, August 10, 2020 – Futures Academy announces the launch of its Free Virtual School Day program for middle and high school students, every Friday morning and afternoon beginning August 14. During this online session, students will explore a particular subject area through a 50-minute 1:1 class, a 50-minute social club, and a 30-minute Guided Study session, allowing them to get a glimpse into how Futures Academy has reimagined the school experience.

“Virtual School Day is a great way for students to find out what a school day at Futures could be like,” said Mary Whitlock, Los Angeles Regional Director of Futures Academy. “Our tagline ‘School Reimagined’ expresses how we have redefined what education looks like and feels like, and we are excited to allow students to get an opportunity to try us out. Engaging in real time with teachers, participants will experience live 1:1 instruction along with effective utilization of online tools such as videos and interactive programs to engage students, hold their attention and spark their imagination. Students will get a real taste of Futures’ personalized learning experience. In addition, parents can see how their students will continue to learn and socialize in a healthy and engaging, academically oriented way, under the supervision of a dedicated teacher.”

For students looking for a more individualized school experience, Futures Academy offers a proven educational alternative through personalized one-to-one and small group instruction tailored to each student’s personal needs, educational goals and learning preferences.

For 35 years, Futures Academy has found ways to adapt education to individual student needs, a benefit of the 1:1 and small group learning models. Teachers customize instruction to each student’s learning style and pace. Most classes are normally taught in person throughout 16 California campuses, but Futures Academy also has a long history of teaching online. So earlier this year when schools were required to physically shut down due to COVID-19, Futures Academy gleaned from this experience and swiftly adapted to teaching its entire student body online.

“With having her last semester of sophomore year all virtual, my daughter found it very difficult and had a lot of complaints about the learning environment at her previous school,” said Courtney Unser, a Futures Academy parent. “She recently came to me and said that at Futures Academy she is learning more in summer school than she did in any of the virtual classes she took last semester at the other school. The learning environment at Futures is definitely working for her!”

Futures Academy pairs solid academic fundamentals with learning how to learn, building successful study skills, and developing a growth mindset. Numerous campus activities such as group clubs and Guided Study homework support provide opportunities for socialization outside of classes.

For more information on this free program, contact Futures Academy here.


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Since 1985, Futures Academy’s one-to-one teaching model has helped more than 19,000 students in grades 6-12 achieve educational success. Futures Academy offers an alternative to the traditional classroom and helps students develop the knowledge, skills, mindsets, character, and habits needed to achieve personal goals. Futures Academy specializes in premium, personalized instruction and college preparation in a supportive and socially engaging learning environment. Ninety-six percent of its students who have applied to a four-year college or university have been accepted. Futures Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and offers more than 170 courses including 32 Honors and 16 Advanced Placement (AP). Students may enroll anytime as courses are offered year-round at 16 campuses throughout California. For more information visit www.Futures.edu. Follow Futures Academy on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to see the school in action.