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This summer, learn to better express thoughts, feelings, ideas and questions in your native tongue and/or a second language. Through the study of language, explore new worlds and cultures by delving deeper into English, or broadening your horizons through the study of Spanish, French, Mandarin, or American Sign Language. More than just grammar and vocabulary, language study will open your ears to new sounds and expressions, and your eyes to new ways of seeing things.

At Futures Academy, benefit from personalized 1:1, 2:1, and small group instruction options to make learning language easier. Learn at your own pace and practice using quality time with your instructor.

Foreign language courses for credit

 Over 36 foreign language courses for credit offered
 One-to-one, paired & small group learning 
 UC, CSU, & NCAA Approved 
 College prep, workshop, honors & AP-level courses 
 In-person, online or hybrid learning options 
 Remediate or accelerate
 Full-time or part-time
 Transfer credits back to your home school
 Flexible 5-18 week timeframe based on your schedule  
 Prevent summer learning loss

Foreign Language Courses for Credit offered:

Our son has taken to the independence that comes with the one-to-one instruction. He has worked to develop better study skills and we don’t have to struggle with homework any more. He makes sure everything is done early in the day.
- Susanne C.