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Academic Support  

We all know that some subjects don’t come as easily as others. For Futures students who need a little extra help, we offer a variety of programs to provide additional academic support. We believe the best way for students to learn is to receive personalized instruction and through our support options, we customize solutions to meet students specific needs on their academic journey.

Foundation Boost, remediate gaps

Foundation Boost

Foundation Boost is a course taken in addition to core academic courses to help a student remediate gaps in key academic skills and concepts.

Instruction Boost, your pace

Instruction Boost

Instruction Boost doubles the number of instructional sessions students have with their teacher to slow down the pace of a course.

Tutoring experts


Tutoring offers additional sessions for students to review content taught in a previous session, but not yet mastered.

Guided Study homework help

Guided Study

Guided Study provides homework support in a structured environment to improve students' attitudes about learning and school, and to help them develop the tools and strategies need to achieve academic success.

Schoolwork NOT Homework

Students are encouraged to hang out in our Guided Study, a designated space on-campus for students to finish schoolwork and receive help from teachers. Getting homework done on-campus not only relieves the stress that may happen after school while the family is juggling dinner, chores, sports and social activities, but provides a great resource for additional help and attention.

Seeing the growth from day one to the day that students finish is what makes it so worth while. 
- Patrick H.

Academic Support Options Benefit Our Students

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