Futures Academy History

Our History


We founded our model over 30 years ago based on the research of Dr. Karen Bishop, Oxford University and the University of Chicago. Since then, over 19,000 students and graduates have found a better way to learn. 

After researching the concept of individualized instruction and mastery learning at Oxford University, Dr. Bishop developed her vision of a one-to-one instructional model. She believed in the potential of every student to learn and achieve if instructional content and pace were tailored to each student’s ability and preferred learning modality.

Her educational model was supported by the research of Dr. Benjamin Bloom from the University of Chicago who found that students who received instruction tailored to their learning pace, in a one-to-one setting, outperformed 98% of the students in a traditional classroom setting. In 1985 Dr. Bishop founded the school in San Diego. We are extremely proud of our 19,000+ students and graduates and our transformative teachers.



School Reimagined

School Reimagined

You may have known us as Halstrom Academy. As of October 2018, we are now Futures Academy and we've hit the refresh button on the our name and logo to better reflect on how we deliver education. We have paid homage to our roots as our first campus was Futures High School near Oceanside, CA. Futures Academy exemplifies our significant academic developments, our core values, and our focus on the Futures of our students. 

Our son has taken to the independence that comes with the one-to-one instruction. He has worked to develop better study skills and we don’t have to struggle with homework any more. He makes sure everything is done early in the day.
- Susanne C.